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RANDSTAD Africa Legal Personal Injury & Advice is an independent organization that provides legal help, support and assistance to foreigners who are victims of a crime, medical malpractice, traffic or work place injuries and many more. We will handle your case and all your related complains in an efficient way thereby help you receive a smooth, fast and complete compensation with a good coaching in your own language.
What does RANDSTAD?
In a personal conversation at your home or at our office, we will discuss the following:
Cause of the accident, the suffered injury, your employment status and the losses incurred. During our first visit, we will inform you in an understandable language the extent of the personal injury, the losses incurred and how the rest of the procedure leading to a complete claim and compensation for you.
What does it cost?
All the legal cost and expenses made during this process will be paid by the responsible party. This is how it is stated in the Dutch law. In that case you pay nothing for all the legal help and assistance you will receive from us. This Means No Cost For You!!


Africa Legal Assistance


Free advice line: +31 (0) 800 0815

Rotterdam Office
Goudse Rijweg 400
3031 CK Rotterdam
Tel: 010 766 00 25

Amsterdam Office
Tel:020 410 94 94

Den Haag Office
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Utrecht Office
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