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Newsletter February

Legal Help For Africans In The Netherlands On Personal Injury Claims:
Due to Globalization and immigration, there is a growing integration of economies and societies around the world and this has influenced The Dutch economy greatly which ranks high in the world’s globalization index. One of the reasons for this is the immigration of Africans to The Netherlands. There are lots of Africans in the Netherlands who have become increasingly important and are positive contributors to the prosperity of the Country.
Most of these people however, have become victims of a crime, accident on road or at work, medical malpractices, sport injuries, a dog attack or bite, slip, trip and fall injury; name but few cause by another person or organisation. The saddest part of this truth is that these victims are traumatised, afraid and ignorant about the possible claims and compensations they are entitled to for the ease of their pain, burden and injury. 
To deal with this ignorance, a special project called Africa Legal Help has been set up by ELFI to help with this situation.
If you are a foreigner with little or no experience about how compensation claims are made in The Netherlands especially an African and you have fallen victim of some of the above mentioned accidents or personal injuries, African Legal can help you. Our legal experts and solicitors are here to answer questions like:
what can I do as a victim? What are my rights?, How can I claim a damage?, What will happen to the offender? etc.
We will answer these questions for you and help you make a claim without charge and without obligation. At ELFI African legal, we aim to give Africans peace of mind so that they can make informed decision about who to help them with their accident claims.
Through our service:
- Victims of personal body injury will receive 100% Compensations as we claim our costs from the other party
- We have one of the highest success rates in this industry
- We have over a decade of experience in dealing with personal injury claims
- Above all we are multicultural; somebody that best understands you will handle your case
From ELFI Personal Injury Advisory Team & Specialists, victims can get experienced legal representation for their claims and compensations.
There is no need for foreigner especially Africans to feel like the underdog when making a no win no fee claim. Even if they are claiming against large organisations or Local Councils, ELFI Africa Legal will be with them every step of the way.
And the best part of this, there is no hidden costs. If you win, you should keep 100% of the compensation and even if you lose, you will not have to pay a fee.
For more information call our team of legally trained advisors who will talk you through the no win no fee process,
or fill out a short claim online form (go to and we will get back to you. It is really that simple.

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