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As a foreigner especially an African living in the Netherlands, becoming a victim of a crime, medical malpractice or traffic accidents can be a traumatic experience.
As a victim who have suffered an injury, Africa Legal is the correct answer to your legal question. whether you have a case, our staff is committed to finding the most comprehensive solution to your legal concerns. Our solicitors are here to help you without charge and without obligation. We aim to give you a peace of mind so that you can make informed decisions about who to help you with your accident claim.

Africa Legal Claims and Compensation Handling Bureau: At our office, we do our utmost best to achieve the best outcome for any injury in your life caused by another person. We could help you claim compensation for your injuries and losses 

With Africa Legal on your side you'll never feel like the underdog: At the Africa Legal Accident Helpline and Helpdesk, we understand that getting back on your feet after a serious accident is no easy task.  You may well have suffered both physically and financially, but the prospect of claiming compensation against  a third party like an employer or large organisation can often seem daunting.
If you are a victim of a medical malpractice or negligence, accidents, sport injury, slip, dog bite, defective products, it is good to be compensated by the third party. Because you don't know the legal steps to take, an experienced legal expert must be immediately and constantly at work, taking action to protect your rights and start the process to recover compensation.
That’s where we can help. Africa Legal has been working very hard  to help people like you claim the compensation they deserve on a no win no fee basis.  So who or whatever you’re up against, you’ll be better off with us on your side.

If you contact us:

  • We will help immediately to make your claims or make an appointment with you to start the process
  • We will treat everything you say confidential
  • We will visit you at home , if necessary
  • We will advice and help you wiyh the use of a specialized team.
  • Find out whether you have a claim today. Simply click on contact us and fill our online claim form in or call us on the following numbers:
    T. 020-410 94 94, 010 766 00 25


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