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Collectively with your corporation, we would make sure that:

1. Evidence is collected, from the accident scene, from medical experts, from hospitals; Every day you delay usually results in some of the evidence fading away or disappearing

2. Witnesses are found and deposed; Every day you delay can result in loss of memory, witnesses moving away so you can't reach them, witnesses influenced by talking with agents of the insurance company, etc.
3. The source of your future damages is ascertained; A negligent individual or business with funds available, insurance companies with coverage of this situation. Just determining the insurance coverage is a major effort, requiring years of experience to do it well and completely.
4. The law covering the accident, malpractice etc will be determined; we will check if your case was researched carefully. Almost every case we see is slightly different, sometimes very different from the "typical" case.

Will those differences make a difference in liability of other parties and the insurance coverage? They might -- that's why you need a legal expert on your side.
5. Your claim is filed on time, and responses to legal documents of other parties must be answered in a legally correct manner. If you don't, you may lose all your rights,


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